a dark wind howls

by The Gallow Swings

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(free) 03:39


released 11 January 2013
david bucci -- voc/gtr
adam grendon -- bass/voc
randall payne -- drms/voc



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The Gallow Swings Seattle, Washington

The Gallow Swings are a heavy swingin' punk blues trio from Seattle WA.

Adam Grendon (ex-Kent III) and Randall Payne (The Bali Girls) are NW vets from way back. David Bucci led Enduro (Austin) throughout the '90s and moved to Seattle a few years ago from New York.

The Gallow Swings formed in 2011 and recently opened for Mudhoney in Bellingham.

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Track Name: Back Up Plan
hey hey baby, i'm your future man/
everybody knows, i'm your back up plan/
hey hey baby, i'm a be all yours/
i'll peep in your window and wait by the the door/

hey hey girl, I'm your best friend now/
everybody knows, i'm your big bad clown/
hey hey girl, it could be much worse/
so i'll save your table, and i'll watch your purse/

drop and give me ten/
years later/

hey hey woman, is it my turn yet/
everybody knows, i wanna be your pet/
i been patient and i been nice/
nobody's left, so let's roll the dice
Track Name: She Needs Wine
he breaks up/
she breaks down/
when he moves out/

she falls down/
she stands up/
she falls down/

she needs time/
she needs space/
she needs wine/

she stands up/
she sits down/
she freaks out/
Track Name: The Hard Way
i burn down bridges, i step on toes/
i kick in the door, and a cold wind blows/
they'll never catch me, i'll never pay/
i'm the kind of man, who does it, the hard way/

i got ten black t-shirts. one pair of jeans/
one pocket knife, one can of beans/
one dirty dollar, for four filthy days/
i'm the kind of man, who does it, the hard way/

two black eyes, and one broken nose/
one round down, and fourteen to go/
you offer a hand, i'll slap it away/
i'm the kind of man, who does it, the hard way
Track Name: Lil Dog Howl
i make the little kids stare/
i make the tiny babies cry/
i make little dogs howl/
i'll make that pig testify/

i'll take no for answer/
i'll take one for the team/
i'll take one for the money/
and wipe it off on my jeans/
Track Name: Scratch and Pound
i can't believe, it's come it to this, yet again/
i'm down and out, fucked and chucked, i been condemned/
they told me once, they told me twice, now it's all my fault/
they pushed me out, they shook me loose, they kicked me down/

you gotta scratch/
you gotta pound/

i can't believe, it's come it to this, yet again/
i paid my dues, i chomped my bit, i won't offend/
i'm working days, i'm working nights, but i'm losing ground/
i bit it off, i chewed it up, i held it down/

i swing a mighty hammer/
just to swat a fly/
i grab a graveyard shovel/
and dig until i die/

i can't believe, it's come it to this, yet again/
i play a game, i'll never win, i don't know why/
i started late, i finished last, don't stand a chance/
i'm givin' up, i'm dropping out, gonna burn out loud/
Track Name: Comin' After You
oh there's a full moon down at the parking lot tonight/
the old lady screams and the fat man sings and bites/
a dark wind howls and the street lights shake with fright/
it's a soup can fire just waiting to ignite/

you don't believe it, but it's true/
nobody's comin' after you/

oh there's a big black cloud at the halfway house tonight/
they got a padlock slapped on to every door in sight/
there's 35 flies on the kitchen floor, that's right/
it's all gonna end in a crack of dawn fist fight/
Track Name: Super Circus
i wanna live in a super circus/
i wanna live in a freakshow/
i wanna live in a tilt-a-whirl/
i wanna live in a dark ride/

i wanna live in a strange town all my life/
i wanna live in a group house til i die/
play guitar in the basement every day/
smoke cigars on the front porch every night/